List your rental property in NJ with Casa Real Properties. Our team of real estate agents are constantly working with qualified renters to find their next place to call home. By listing your residential or commercial rentals with our team, you will have access to top placements in an array of different websites and social media outlets. Our mission is to help you find qualified tenants to fill your property fast and easy.

Find Renters for Your Commercial or Residential Listings

Once your rental listing is created with an agent, you will be notified of leads and requests for potential showing times. Our realtors are available around the clock to help fill your vacancy. As a part of our listing service, we will suggest the best possible price to list your rental property in NJ. We factor in the updates you have made to your residence or commercial space and run the comparable sales in the area. This way your property appeals to renters while also maximizing your return on investment.

Gain Access to Our Qualified Network of Renters

We include Tenant Screenings to Find the Best Candidates

When we are looking to screen tenants for your property there are no shortcuts taken. We want to avoid the dangers of costly evictions and damage done to your property by irresponsible tenants. This is why Casa Real Properties provides a comprehensive screening process that entails the following:

  • Background Checks

    Applicants applying for your rental listing will undergo identity verification and criminal background check to help maintain your safety and those in the neighborhood.

  • Credit Report Screenings

    A credit report is a great resource to help screen candidates. These reports include details on payment schedules and if an applicant has missed a payment. As our realtors are reviewing these detailed reports, you will be notified if a red flag arose. We want to help avoid problems so you can receive payment with ease.

  • Employment Verification

    Rental candidates will be required to upload their 5 recent pay stubs for income verification. We will measure their salaries to ensure they can afford the property comfortably.

  • Tenant and Landlord Interviews

    Prior to coordinating an interview with a potential tenant, our realtors will verify rental references to help weed out candidates who aren’t a fit. Once they have successfully passed all quality assurance measures an in-person interview can be arranged upon request. Our realtors can help coordinate the process to help assure your residence or commercial property is in good hands.

List Your Rental Property

Our Service Is at No Cost to You

Deciding to list your property with Casa Real Properties doesn’t cost you anything. The fee for our services including the background checks is to be paid by your tenant in the realtor fee. All prospective candidates will know of this cost upfront in the description of your listing, creating a hassle-free experience.

Why Casa Real Properties?

We have been in business for over 20 years, with a solid track record in our community for excellence. Our clients always come first in our endeavors. With 100% transparency and a collaborative approach to listing your property, you can trust your assets to us! To list your property with our office, request information to speak with a real estate expert.

Find Your Next Renter Confidently